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How to Take Board Meeting Minutes

Board meeting minutes are official records of the decisions and discussions that took place during the meeting of the board of directors. They help ensure everyone understands the events, who was present, what, and how the decision was passed. They can also be used as legal documents for future reference.

While it is not required the presence of a dedicated secretary for the board can make the process of recording and publishing minutes more efficient. They can focus on listening to the discussion without interrupting. A dedicated note-taker may assist in creating a more structured and consistent approach to meeting procedures. Audio recordings can be used to help resolve discrepancies in minutes and what transpired during the meeting.

The first step in the https://boardroombox.com/why-do-you-need-a-board-portal/ process of taking minutes of meetings is to verify that there was a quorum present at the meeting. This is accomplished by comparing the attendees’ list against the board’s membership records to see who was in attendance. If a quorum has not been reached, the chair may call for the meeting to be adjourned or defer topics for later consideration.

The materials that were discussed during the meeting should be recorded in the minutes of the meeting, but it is not required to include a detailed description. It is best to save all materials from the meeting on a secure portal for boards using a system like Boardable. This way, the presentations and other documents can be easily accessed whenever they are needed. This is especially useful for new board members and those who didn’t attend the meeting.

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